Regina Moving Tips and Tricks

At Vic’s The Moving Man, we understand how stressful the moving process can be. Our main priority is to make your moving experience as painless as possible with our professional moving services. Whether you choose our company or not, we do want to share with you some of the best tips and tricks we have learned in our many years serving the Regina area and beyond. Keep these in mind during your next move.

Keep Your Supplies Together

Staying organized is the best way to keep moving as stress-free as possible. Keep all of your supplies, such as packing tape, labels, boxes and markers, all accessible and together to streamline the moving process.

Get Plenty of Boxes

Running out of moving boxes is a common problem for people in Regina and beyond. Avoid the last minute scramble by obtaining more boxes than you think you need. Returning or recycling unused boxes is much easier than rushing for more while you pack. Be sure to keep at least five boxes aside for your last minute items on moving day instead of stuffing them in garbage bags, which makes them easy to lose.

Label Your Boxes

You might scrawl “Living Room” on your boxes, but it will make unpacking much easier if you are specific. Write “DVDs and Books” on the box instead to help you organize more efficiently.

Use the Opportunity to Purge

Many people use moving as an opportunity to get rid of things no longer wanted or needed. Toss broken items while you donate things you no longer want for charity or host a garage sale. Use the three-pile method to efficiently reduce your items before packing, organizing your things by “Keep, “Give Away” or “Throw Away.”

Transfer Utilities in Advance

It doesn’t matter if you move across the country or stay in Regina. Transferring your services and utilities to a new location is almost guaranteed to take time and include delays. Do it earlier than you expect to move to help decrease the hassle of no heat or cable when you arrive at your new home or business.

Need more moving tips? Call Vic’s The Moving Man today to receive more expert advice or get a free, no-obligation quote for your moving needs.