Top 5 Tips for Managing a Long Distance Move

8 November, 2017

Moving across the country is an exciting prospect. It also presents a challenge. How will you get all your belongings to the destination? Put these five tips to good use and the job will be easier to manage.

Sort and Discard

There will never be a better time to go through your belongings and get rid of things you never use. Take it room by room and collect anything that no longer fits, is only taking up space, or you are sure will never be used again. Those items can be sold at a yard sale, donated to charity, or passed on to your friends. No matter what you do with them, those unwanted belongings will not have to be touched by the movers.

Create a Budget

How much can you afford to spend on the move? Create a budget that allows you to set aside funds for every aspect of the project. Along with the costs associated with the moving company, remember to factor in things like your personal travel expenses, meals on the road, and motel lodgings if it will take more than a day to reach the destination.

Hire a Mover

Once your budget is established, start checking out the long distance movers in the area. Narrow the list by identifying which ones travel to your destination. Contact each one and talk about what you will need in terms of support. Remember to mention the moving dates you have in mind. This will help you settle on a mover who has pricing you can afford and offers the resources needed to make the move as simple as possible.

Purchase Moving Crates and Boxes

Many of your belongings must be properly packed for the trip. You may find that the mover in Regina you've chosen offers a range of moving supplies. Go with those instead of trying to find free boxes from different sources. The packing crates and materials offered by the mover are sturdy enough to protect everything. That’s not something you can be sure of with those random boxes.

Call in the Professional Packers

There is no rule that says you must do all the packing alone. Many Regina movers offer professional packing services. It won’t take long to arrange for a team to come in and systematically pack up each room. They will also know how to select the right boxes, what fillers will protect the contents of each one, and even how to label them for easy unpacking later on.

With the packers taking care of most of the work, you won’t be up nights trying to fill more boxes by moving day. Instead, it’s possible to get a full night’s sleep every night and feel ready to take on the world each morning.

Remember that planning your move well in advance is a great idea. If possible, settle all the basics at least a couple of months before the actual trip. That gives you time to handle everything in a logical manner, identify details that need addressing, and in general make sure nothing is overlooked.