Top 4 Points to Consider When You Choose Moving Boxes

23 October, 2017

Your moving plans are progressing and you are now ready to start packing. Instead of trying to score odd boxes and make do with them, the best approach is to purchase boxes made specifically for moving. Make sure the boxes you choose have these four qualities and the move will go a lot smoother.


You will need more than one size of box if you are moving from Regina. Before you head out to purchase the boxes, take the time to consider what items must be packed. A good approach is to go room by room and make a note of the type of boxes you need.

Keep in mind that smaller boxes will be best for your collections of fragile items. Medium boxes work fine for clothing that you fold. The boxes you choose for dishware and your fine china should be large enough to arrange the contents securely but still easy to pick up and carry to the moving van.


One of the things that sets moving boxes apart from other containers is the reinforced construction. As you compare different options, find out how much weight each box will handle without beginning to buckle. A box that will retain it’s shape and not begin to split or crush during the trip to the new home is important. Without those qualities, the potential for damaging your belongings is much greater.

Another reason to go with sturdy boxes is the fact they will be stacked in the moving van. Your goal is to make the best possible use of the vertical as well as the horizontal space. Sturdy boxes that will not crush under the weight of other packed boxes will ensure everything makes it to the new place without any damage.

Ease of Handling

Pay close attention to the way each box is designed. You want them to be sturdy, but they must also be easy to manage. Consider buying only boxes that come with handles or cut out places for hands to grip each side of the box. This will not only make it easier for the team of professional movers in Regina to load and unload the boxes. You will have a simpler task of shifting the boxes around as you unpack them.

Inserts That Fit

You will use packing materials to pad some of your belongings. Others will require the use of inserts to further prevent shifting during the transit. While you could purchase the insert separately, the best move is to purchase them at the same time you buy the boxes. Doing so ensures they are a perfect fit. Remember you can use inserts for things like your plates, stemware, or just about any fragile item you own.

If you are not sure how to find the boxes needed for a specific packing task, talk with the experts at the moving company in Regina. Thanks to the experience they have with past moves, they can provide you with suggestions and ensure your belongings are packed securely and safely.