Things to Remember When Relocating Small Business

29 January, 2017

When the time to relocate your business comes, it always looks like a fuss because you forget lots of things and so end up with huge money loses because of minor slips. We want to help you and explain three main things about successful commercial move and for this sake consulted three biggest commercial movers companies in Edmonton. This is what they say:

1. Timing

The first and foremost thing to do is a schedule of your move. All commercial moving companies when coming to an office ask about the schedule: date of packing, date of picking up, delivering, contract, etc. So first of all, create a plan for yourself in order to be aware of everything that goes around you and to be able to hire movers company beforehand (Regina commercial moving experts advise to do so at least four month prior to the actual move).

2. Hire help

Professional help is a must-have in the process of business relocation. Unfortunately, you have only to hands and one head to follow every step of every worker in the company. So do not do everything yourself, hire professional movers in Regina and transfer some part of your job to them. In this way you will be able to do your job and they will perfectly deal with theirs.

3. Vendors update

This is, probably, one of the most important things that everyone forgets about. Make sure that you tell everyone (!) about the move. Call all customers, post office, partners, cleaning services, etc. and make sure they remember! In case you are afraid that some customers or postmen may forget about the relocation or you forgot to call the phone company, think about installing call forwarding technique for at least a couple of following months in order to make sure that you do not miss anything after the move.

4. Update information about the move

A lot of people use modern technologies to keep in touch with their customers and so when moving the whole office it also needs to be updates. Professional movers company advises to put a big banner on every page saying that you are moving on some date and about the address and phone numbers changes. Experts in commercial moving in Regina also advise to perform these actions at least a couple of weeks before the actual relocation in order to ensure that everyone has time to see it. The same information should be put on the web-site after the move, saying “We’ve Moved to …” Do not also rely on the fact that everyone will see it. Make sure to send an e-mail to your every single customer and partner at least a couple of weeks before the move and right after. Do not be ashamed off saying it several times, because only information that was seen at least a couple of times will be remembered. So re-send the same info about your business move right before the moving day like a final notice on your plans.