The Secrets to an Easy and Efficient Office Move

9 July, 2017

Moving your office can cause workflow issues and other stress if planned poorly. Fortunately, the proper preparation and guidance from a commercial movers company can make the process go smoothly and minimize the amount of time you lose to moving and unpacking. The tips and advice provided below are targeted toward those moving businesses to or within the Regina area, but are equally useful to those in other areas who are looking for some guidance.

Establish a Relationship with Your Movers

Before you get going on any sort of office move, you should make sure that you have a good group of Regina office movers picked out. Ideally, you should determine your moving company at least three to six months before the move takes place. There are several important reasons to make sure this happens. First, it allows you to arrange the logistics well in advance, minimizing the amount of confusion and lost time that occurs in your move. Second, it gives you a team that can help connect you to other useful resources, from IT assistance to storage options. If you establish a relationship with your movers early on, you can lean on them for advice, guidance, and even packing supplies as needed.

Know Your Codes and Requirements

Before you make any firm commitment to a new office space, you should make sure that you are aware of the codes and requirements of the new area as they compare to your current location. This becomes even more essential when you move to a different city or province. Different areas, even within the same region, can have different safety and building requirements. If you know of any differences beforehand, you can either adjust your current office strategy to fit the new location or seek a different area that will better facilitate your business. Commercial movers Regina can usually provide guidance on this front, giving you information about codes and requirements you should be aware of.

Give Every Employee a Task

In planning your office move, your employees should be responsible for cleaning and preparing their own space. However, the work as a whole can become much easier if you give each individual at least one other job as well. This could include resource planning, IT setup, or even buying pizza for those pitching in on moving day. By divvying up the tasks, you can give your employees a sense of ownership when it comes to ensuring a successful move. Ideally, each individual should receive a task they are well suited for – for example, your tech person is probably the best individual to handle any telecommunications setup.

Your office move doesn’t have to cripple your productivity. Good planning and task delegation can make things much easier. Even more important is finding a group of skilled and experienced commercial movers. These individuals can make sure that you have all the resources you need to maximize your success. With a little bit of foresight and help, even the most challenging move can be made easy.