5 Tips to Prepare Office Furniture for Moving

9 February, 2017

Any kind of office moving is usually great piece of news because it means development or expansion of an existing business. But together with the excitement, you are very likely to get a bunch of other blessings and curses in a package. No matter how far your office is relocating, it still involves a lot of work and long preparation period to ensure that everything goes smooth and easy for both you and your employees. Below we prepared you several tips from local movers in Regina to help you relocate business easier and more efficient.

Empty Drawers

This is usually the worst part of any move preparation. The moment when you need to go through all of our working belongings and declutter them is one of the scariest ones. According to commercial moving experts in Regina it is of utmost importance to ensure that all employees free their working cabinets from everything because otherwise furniture becomes too heavy to handle.

Unbolt furniture in advance

Of course, you can leave all unbolting to your Regina office movers but if you unbolt all furniture yourself, the move will cost less and go much faster. So you can again give this task to a couple of your employees and in the end save time and money on this process.

Disassemble furniture properly

Another fact for commercial moving is the importance of dissembling furniture. It is much easier for local movers in Regina to move dissembled furniture because it fits into trucks much easier. At this point you again need to calculate your budget. If you are short on it, do this step yourself or with your employees. If not, leave this part to your office movers and sleep peacefully knowing that they will not lose any screws or details of your office equipment.

Label Everything

Though it looks weird and even funny when you are walking around the office putting marks on everything you see, this actually helps a lot. If you ask any employee of commercial moving company in Regina, you will hear that labeling can simplify everything a lot. Not only your office movers will know what goes where, but on the step of unpacking and assembling new office everything will go significantly faster if you have labels on everything.

Make a floor plan

And the final tip that all commercial moving experts in Regina give is to create a floor plan of everything that goes on in your office. Keep in mind that you need to have two plans for the old and for the new location of your office. In this way you can understand before the actual move what furniture and appliances go where at a new location, to ensure that your commercial moving process does not take much time and effort on the spot. Floor plan also significantly help local movers to make the right placement of your furniture to help you start working process as soon as possible after the relocation.