5 Tips for an Easier Long-Distance Move

16 February, 2017

When you relocate there is always need to change address in most services and notify your friends, turn the utilities on at a new place. But if these issues are clear, long-distance moving usually involves a little more preparation. Below we prepared several long distance moving tips to facilitate your beginning of new life!

1. Maximize space in the moving van. You know that any long distance moving company in Regina will charge you based on distance and weight of your belongings. This means that the more you have, the more your pay. This idea leads us to the three subpoints to help you minimize expenses:

  • Declutter before packing. Get rid of all things that you do not really love. Try to throw away as much of useless stuff as you can.
  • Leave dresser drawers filled. You know that furniture pieces will occupy pretty a lot of space in the truck, so use space inside of the furniture for your privilege. Put there some light though bulky stuff to save space and at the same time use it efficiently.
  • Pack soft items in black trash bags. Anyway you will have pillows and blankets, for instance. You will need to pack them, but long distance moving company in Regina advises doing so with trash bags. In this way you will protect dear items, but at the same time be able to squeeze them into the tightest spaces to save overall truck space.

2. Paint before you move in. If you would like to spruce up your new place, make sure to do it before the move-in day. In this way you will be able to cross one more to-do thing from your list and with the peace of mind and ease to proceed to any other tasks on your list.

3. Ask around before sign up for services. When you get to a new place, there will be a lot of needs in terms of services, such as cable, phone, internet, and others. According to long distance movers in Regina it is always great to take your time if you can when choosing these new service providers. Do not rush into making instant decisions because there will always be a chance of getting a better one.

4. Give yourself time. Long distance moving frequently involves change of everything, including culture and routine life around you. So when you relocate, movers in Regina advise again not to rush into the new life and take your time exploring the new neighborhood and customs of local people around you. Do not start working the next day because you will always need some time for adaptation after the move. Experts from moving company in Regina advise giving yourself a couple of weeks for this period.

5. Be ready to meltdowns. If you have never changed your location before, then be ready that some nostalgia will sweep you over right after relocation. Long distance moving is a common reason to feel home-sick when everything gets different and strange around. Be ready for it and accept as a normal process. This will go away once you find new friends and hobbies at a new place!