5 Excellent Reasons to Plan Your Residential Move in Advance

28 December, 2017

Moving to a new place is intended to be exciting instead of nerve-wracking. While some moves do happen on the spur of the moment, many people know months in advance that they will be changing residences. If you fall in the latter category, put that time to good use and plan every detail of your move in advance. Here are a few reasons why not waiting until the last minute makes sense.

Creating a Checklist

Whether you are moving across town or need to arrange for long distance moving services, it pays to create a checklist early in the process. There’s more to moving than booking a reservation with a reliable mover. For example, there’s the need to arrange cut-off dates for the utilities at your old place and have the utilities activated at the new one. You can get inspiration for your checklist by going online and looking at sample lists prepared by others. At least one of them will be easy adapted for your move.

Deciding What Goes

Before you try to pack anything, it pays to go go through the home room by room and decide what will not make the trip. When you finish with the main part of the house, tackle the attic and the basement. Once those areas are cleared of anything you don’t want to take along, focus your attention on the garage. Nothing should be left but the belonging you plan on taking with you.

Remember there’s all sorts of ways to get rid of the things you no longer want. Have loved ones come over and help themselves to those discards. Hold a moving sale and make a little money off those unwanted items. Anything left that is in decent condition can be donated to a charity shop.

Finding the Right Packing Supplies

With all the belongings you don’t want out of the house, you have a better idea of what packing supplies are needed. Along with the size and type of packing crates and boxes, you’ll also know what sort of fillers will properly cushion and protect fragile items during the move.

While you could go dumpster diving to find boxes, they will not necessarily be sturdy enough to protect your belongings. A better approach is to work with a professional Regina mover that sells packing supplies. The nice thing is that if you underestimate the quantity of boxes and fillers, it’s easy to get more from the same source.

Choosing and Reserving Additional Services

Many moving services offer more than loading your furnishings and boxes into vans and hauling them to the new place. Did you know that it’s possible to arrange for professionals to handle the actual packing? That will make it all the easier to get everything done according to a schedule you set up with the mover. If you like, ask about help with unpacking at the new place. You’ll find that professional support before, during, and after the move takes a lot of stress out of the move.

Keeping Up With Action Items

Remember your checklist? Use it to keep up with the status of each action item. At a glance, you will know which days the packers are coming to help, when the boxes and supplies will arrive, and the exact date the power and other utilities will be disconnected. That list will ensure you don’t get lost in the jumble of details and always know what’s complete and what remains to be done.

Remember that planning ahead involves more than setting a date for the movers to show up. with the right strategy, you can prevent the move from becoming an overwhelming task and feel completely in control every step of the way.