4 Ways to Make Your Office Move as Smooth as Possible

8 March, 2017

An office move can disrupt workflow and cause chaos in the workplace. In addition to the time the move takes, there is residual stress on most of the people affected by the move. For those undertaking office moving in Regina, Vic’s The Moving Man offers less stress through great organization and service. In addition to using this service, there are other steps you can take to make your office move as smooth as possible. Here are some tips.

1: Start Planning Early

Once you have an estimate as to your move date, start a planning timeline and sketch out the essentials. You’ll need to make sure that your office move is set for a time when work is slow or, if that isn’t possible, start to make plans to ensure that workflow won’t be interrupted. Ideally, you should plan six months or more in advance of your move. Contact commercial movers in Regina as soon as possible. Keep them informed as the plan unfolds, and listen to their advice. This will allow you the flexibility you need for when the unexpected happens.

2: Check Your Insurance

Make sure you know what items are insured and what needs to be covered before you start moving. While all reputable Regina office moving companies carry insurance, that doesn’t necessarily cover items that you move yourself or which get broken or damaged during the unpacking process. While most equipment can be replaced, some items might be very valuable or irreplaceable. By taking an inventory of these items, you can make sure they are insured and can also tell the movers to take special care of them to prevent any breaks or damage.

3: Know Building Requirements

If you are leasing a new office space, make sure you check with the owner regarding building requirements. Even if you own the new space outright, you should make sure that you have a good grasp of all local codes. While there likely won’t be much variance if you are moving your office from one area of Regina to another, it is essential to remember that different spaces have different requirements. Be sure you have a plan for any necessary adjustments before the move begins.

4: Trust Your Movers

If you do the proper research and find a Regina moving company that you can rely on, then you don’t have any need to second-guess them or yourself. By hiring an experienced and reputable office moving company, you will be recruiting somebody with experience and insider knowhow that you don’t possess. That means that you can worry about the logistics of the pre- and post-move stages, but you can leave the actual moving to the professionals. Ask questions, listen to their advice, and use the experience that you now have at your disposal.

An office move can be a very difficult process, but it doesn’t have to cause you a great deal of undue stress. By hiring a reliable moving company and preparing properly, you can turn the move into a minor bump in the road rather than a whole mountain to climb.