4 Important Things You Should Keep With You During a Move

9 October, 2017

While almost all of your belongings will be handled by the movers in Regina, there are a few things you need to keep handy the entire time. The goal is to make sure you don’t have to stop in the middle of the move and dig around in a box to find something you need right this minute. These four items in particular should be among the things you keep in a bag in the car or the trunk.

Cash and Credit Cards

Even if you are moving across town, make sure your cash and credit cards are close at hand. Your wallet is the ideal place for them. Should you think of something that needs to be picked up on the way to the new place, paying for those items will not require stopping the van and trying to remember which box contains the cash.

Your Medicine

If you are taking any type of prescription medication, always place the bottles in an box or bag and keep it in your car. While the professionals are taking care of your Regina moving project, you can still get to the medication if the need arises. That includes having it on hand to take when you stop for a meal or a snack.

Your best bet is to keep the medicine bottles under lock and key. This is especially true if one of those medications is a controlled substance. The glove box of the car is a good place, or you can place them in your overnight bag and secure them in the trunk.

A Change of Clothing

While the experts from the residential or commercial moving company will handle all the heavy lifting, it’s still possible to work up a sweat or get dirty while you move. Should you need to run into a supermarket or other store to pick up something, do you really want to go in wearing filthy jeans?

Keep a set of casual clothing tucked away in the car. During warm weather, a pair of shorts and a comfortable tee shirt will be fine. Cooler weather calls for jeans and a sweatshirt. By keeping a change of clothing in your car, it’s easy enough to duck into a public restroom, wash up a little, and then slip into fresh clothes.

An Open First Box

Have you never heard of an open first box? This is a box that contains all the incidental things you want to use when you arrive at the new place. It should be small enough to fit in the trunk of your car.

Include things like your phone charger, a shower curtain and hooks, a set of bed linens, garbage bags, paper towels, and paper plates. Don’t forget soap, shampoo, and towels so you can enjoy a nice hot shower without having to dig through boxes for all your bathroom essentials. Toilet paper, toothpaste, and your toothbrush should also be placed in the box.

Next to hiring one of the best Regina moving services, preparation on your part is essential. Keep these items in your vehicle so they can be accessed at a moment’s notice. Rest assured that at some point during moving day, you will need all or at least most of them.