Regina Moving

Our trained professional movers have the experience and training needed to handle all types of Regina moves. With Vic’s The Moving Man, your belongings are in great hands!

Regina Commercial, Office & Warehouse Moving

Time is money. That’s why our experienced team of Regina office movers is available 24 hours a day to keep your business running even during an office move. You can trust us to provide the high level of service that you need.

Regina Residential Moving

We know that relocating your family isn’t easy. Leave the worries of moving your personal belongings to us. Our years of experience and our qualified team always ensure the job is done right every time.

Regina Residential Moving Residential Moving
Vic’s The Moving Man is the premier Regina residential moving company. New residents of Regina, SK and individuals moving away from the area can both benefit from the different moving offers the company provides. To learn more, please don’t hesitate to call Vic’s at 306-533-5839.
Langley Commercial-Office Moving Commercial & Office
Businesses seeking a reputable company to move their commercial property and offices in Regina should choose Vic’s. A highly professional office moving team is ready to assist companies in the moving process to make the experience as simple and painless as possible.
Langley Storage Services Storage
Looking for the best Regina Storage option? Vic’s The Moving Man has everything you need, from mini storage to self storage and even warehouse storage. There is no storage location in Regina as trustworthy and reliable as Vic’s. Call the company storage team to find out about storage options.

About Vic’s The Moving Man, Regina Moving Company

No one likes the moving process. From cleaning to packing, organizing to taking care of the address and mail changes, moving is nearly a full-time job for anyone even without the emotional and mental stress of it all. The process can be simplified with a company like Vic’s the Moving Man at the helm. Individuals moving to Regina, within Regina or from Regina can ease the burden off their shoulders and onto the company. Vic’s has both commercial and residential services in the Regina area to help with everyone’s moving needs. The established company offers moving resources and experience to make both long distance and local moves go as smoothly as possible.

The heart of the Vic’s The Moving Man business model is client trust. The company maintains that trust by using the greatest care with every customer’s belongings. The full service moving company offers professional packing services, storage options and professional moving services to facilitate every stage of the moving process. At Vic’s, keeping moving as hassle-free and stress-free as possible is part of the company philosophy.

Vic’s The Moving Man prides itself on being the most affordable, reliable and professional residential and commercial moving service in Regina. Each customer is guaranteed to have a unique, personalized experience to meet individual needs. Whether a client requires a specialty service, like transporting precious antiques, or extra care with handling sensitive materials, Vic’s is the place to trust.

Distance does not affect quality with our company. Whether moving long distance or locally within Regina, rest assured that all belongings will arrive at their destination exactly as packed. Only the highest standards of quality are acceptable within our company. Each member of the company is experienced with both bonding and insurance to guarantee the best service for our customers. Our perfect record of customer satisfaction speaks for itself.

Superior customer service is the key to our business. Our team is dedicated to providing both private individuals as well as businesses in Regina with the highest level of customer satisfaction. We aim to make the moving process as easy as possible. Every job is carefully planned and coordinated to fit individual needs. Vic’s provides customers with the safe, fast moving experience to and from Regina that each customer expects and deserves.

Customers come to us when they have had broken furniture, lost items and other issues in the past with a standard residential and office move. At Vic’s The Moving Man, customers can expect the dedication and focus of professionals who have years of experience in the industry. Your personal and business belongings will be handled with the latest specialized equipment and packing materials for the most guaranteed protection during the entire move.

Experience sets Vic’s The Moving Man apart from other moving companies. Our Regina movers are organized and trustworthy, completing each job with unparalleled skill and care.

To find out more about how we can help you with your move to or away from Regina, Saskatchewan, or if you would like an affordable quote, then please contact our consultants. We’re happy to answer any questions and can work with you to find a moving solution that fits your needs and schedule.

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